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Grainfield, KS : Businesses : Jack's Automotive Repair & Towing

Jack's Automotive Repair & Towing BuildingJack & Dee Foster started their business with the idea that quality auto repair didn’t have to be far from home. Jack’s Automotive Repair and Towing is an automotive and truck repair shop, a AAA Towing & Auto Repair Center, & a NAPA parts, tools, & accessories store. The crew at Jack’s Automotive will take you in and make you feel like you are part of the family. You can be assured that if you are stranded near the vicinity of Grainfield, Jack will come to your aid. The friendly & knowledgeable staff at Jack’s Automotive will do whatever is necessary to get your vehicle running, and as the customer you have the reassurance that you're being treated in an honest and fair manner. It’s no secret why so many people use Jack’s Automotive Repair and Towing in Grainfield.

Services/Products Provided:
  • AAA Auto Repair Center
  • AAA Towing Contractor
  • Automotive & Truck repair
  • Parts & Accessories
  • Tire Sales & Tire Repair
  • Towing


  • 2 ASE Certified Mechanics
  • 1 ASE Master Truck Mechanic & Master Automotive Mechanic

"Thank you Jack. You did right by me and my Suburban on a Sunday in mid-October. Where else could I have had such a beautifully crafted exhaust part created by a man who invited me to meet his wife and son for Sunday supper? You two are fabulous! I’ve been telling the world if ever they break down on I-70, they need to do it where you can take care of them."
- Joy Kroeger Beckner

"Countless times you and your staff have made personal sacrifices to help our members in their time of need. The late nights, early mornings, the missing or interrupting of meals, and working weekends to get our members back on the road speaks volumes for your commitment to provide outstanding quality service 24 hours a day. I commend you as well as your staff for the job that you do."
- Gary Price, Vice President Automotive Services, AAA Kansas

"The kindness, compassion and true spirit of humans helping others that your (Napa family) shared with us will always be in our memories. I believe in the simple life and the little things. It is always nice to meet wonderful and warm-hearted people of the Grainfield Kansas Napa."
– Kenan Flynn 2/20/09

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Office Hours:
8:00 am – 6:00 pm (Monday – Friday)
8:00 am - 5:00 pm (Saturday)

154 Main St., Grainfield, KS

Contact Info:
Jack & Dee Foster, Owners
(785) 673-4258
Fax: (785) 673-4254


  • Jack & Dee purchased their first shop in 1980
  • In 1993 they became NAPA Auto Parts dealers
  • First tow truck purchased in 1987, the second in 1992, first flatbed in 1998 & the second in 2002