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Bird City, KS

The breathtaking countryside and plentiful grass were just a few reasons why people chose to homestead in Bird City, Kansas. Now what you'll discover in Bird City is the Heart of the Heartland. Founded by Benjamin Bird in 1885, the agricultural community is a testament to the hardworking and resilient residents who have made Bird City their home. The esteemed Charles Lindbergh, the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic, was once a Bird City resident. Bird City provides not only economic ventures but also recreational opportunities. The Tri-State Antique Engine and Thresher Show, and the holiday craft fair are widely popular annual attractions to Bird City. Experience some of the best steak in Kansas at the famous Big Ed's Steakhouse. You can reap the benefits of small town living with economical real-estate, one of the best public schools in Kansas, and a caring, supportive community. More beautiful than a postcard, Bird City, Kansas is the Heart of the Heartland!

Founded: 1885

Population: 439

County: Cheyenne

Zip Code: 67731

Elevation: 3,460 ft

Average Annual Rainfall: 21.75"

Days of Sunshine: 71.36%

Average Temperature:
Summer: 72.6°
Fall: 55.7°
Winter: 37.8°
Spring: 47.1°

Location: along Highway 36, 17 miles south of the Nebraska border and 28 miles east of the Colorado border

Recycling Available:
Yes - south end of Bird Ave

  • Founded in 1885 by Benjamin Bird, president of the Northwestern Land Cattle Company
  • Charles Lindbergh once resided in Bird City
  • Bird City once had a ship named after the town but it was later torpedoed by a German submarine.

Famous or Noteworthy People:

  • Benjamin Bird, Founder of Bird City
  • Charles Lindbergh, Bird City resident
  • Rosemary Griffin, left over 5 million dollars to the community of Bird City
  • Edgar Robinson, left just short of 5 million dollars to the community of Bird City

Fun Facts:

  • We are the only town named Bird City in America.
  • Our 1986 Homecoming Queen, Dana Nelsen, appeared on the David Letterman Show.

Ancient Indian Traders Trail - Kansas Highway 161 (goes North out of Bird City)

Heart of the Heartland