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Winchester, KS

Wonderful things are waiting in Winchester, Kansas. This wooded and hilly landscape in the Northeast region of Kansas first attracted the homesteader William Gardiner on June 19, 1854. The peaceful countryside was an ideal location for the Kansas Railroad in 1872 and numerous residents and businesses. Located along K-192 highway, Winchester, in Jefferson County, continues to be a family friendly community and enterprising business locale. Residents enjoy daily adventures such as perusing the seasonal Farmer’s Market, hiking the Old Military Trail, and taking part in the myriad of activities at the Winchester Public Library. The small town of Winchester has stood the test of time. Hard working residents, like those who helped build the first Jefferson County Hospital with their own hands, continue to display the “spirit” of their pioneer forefathers by devoting their time and energy into making Winchester one of the best places in Kansas to call home. If you are en route to Northeast Kansas, your itinerary should include a stop in Winchester. With widespread beauty and welcoming residents, why not choose Winchester?

Founded: 1854

Population: 534

County: Jefferson

Zip Code: 66097

Elevation: 1,178 ft

Average Temperature
Average January Low: 18°
Average July High: 90°

Average Annual Rainfall: 38.3"

Days of Sunshine: 210

Location:Winchester is located along K-192 Highway (Kansas State Highway). US Highway 59 is located 3 miles West of Winchester


  • Established June 19, 1854 by William M. Gardiner who built a cabin near Walnut Creek
  • Gardiner sold claim to Joseph Best who built adjoining cabins which became a hotel
  • Alvin Best chose location and named town of Winchester after Winchester, Virginia
  • 1855 - 100 families made a settlement
  • First postmaster - Charles Hardt
  • First birth - Ella Simon, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Alpha Simone on June 19, 1855
  • 1857 - Stone Store and grocery and whiskey store opened
  • 1858 - first physician of Winchester Dr. A. R. Cantwell
  • 1858 - First township election and full board
  • The first school originated in 1858 & first school district formed in 1859
  • Methodist Episcopal Church society organized in 1862 - 12 members
  • Reformed Presbyterian Church organized (1868) - Rev. Josiah Dodds, pastor
  • Advent of the Kansas Central Railroad in 1872
  • 1874 - Winchester Academy established
  • The Winchester Argus newspaper created on June 12, 1877 by Thomas Gardiner
  • Winchester United Presbyterian Church (1869) - Rev. David Forsythe from Valley
    Falls residing
  • February, 1956 - Jefferson County Memorial Hospital dedication
Famous or Noteworthy People:
John Steuart Curry-painted the murals at the State Capitol in Topeka, Kansas

Old Military Trail

Fun Facts:
Glen Carson was selected as the project architec for the future Jefferson County Hospital. To his surprise, the people of Jefferson County wanted to lend a hand in the building of the hospital. Carson was skeptical about the townspeople's commitment, but he was pleasantly surprised by their unwavering "spirit" to press forward and finish the job.