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Smith County, KS

Unique shopping, Historical, Eventful, Accessible, Entertaining, Hunting and More!

From the prairies and bluffs that grace the landscape to the fertile land and beautiful limestone that are representative to the area, Smith County in north central Kansas gives new meaning to the ideal of rural living. Smith County is named in memory of Major Nathan Smith of the Second Colorado Volunteers who died in battle. The first homestead was established in 1871. Dr. Brewster M. Higley, a resident of Smith County, crafted a poem about life in this rural Kansas county in 1872. This poem later became the state song of Kansas, "Home on the Range". Tourists can visit the renowned Home on the Range cabin in Smith County where Higley resided. Other fascinating attractions include: the Old Dutch Mill, Little Miss Liberty - a replica of the Statue of Liberty, the historic battlegrounds of the Indian Fight at the Forks of Beaver Creek, and the Smith County Courthouse. Despite this colossal history, Smith County is committed to the economic vitality of future generations by merging agriculture and industry. Known as the Geographic Center of the 48 Contiguous States, Smith County has excellent schools, exceptional hunting, and welcoming residents. Smith County could be your home on the north central Kansas range!

We are excited to announce that construction for the new Smith County Memorial Hospital will begin March 2017!

Towns in Smith County:
Athol population : 40; 18 families
Gaylord population: 131; 63 families
Kensington population: 467; 253 families
Lebanon population: 185; 105 families
Smith Center population: 1,621; 772 families

County Population: 3,726
1,895 females; 1,831 males; 1,756 families

Fun Facts:
Al Roker from the NBC TODAY Show reported live from the Geographic Center on November 9, 2015

Location: In North Central Kansas along northern tier of counties, bordering Nebraska on the north.

North & South highways: US 281 & KS Hwy 8

East & West highways: US 36 & KS Hwy 9

From middle of Smith County to:

  • Hays, KS - 92 miles
  • Salina, KS - 120 miles
  • Wichita, KS - 207 miles
  • Kansas City, MO - 265 miles
  • Denver, CO - 345 miles

Date founded: 1871