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Grainfield, KS : Organization : Grainfield Community Development Committee

Cruise, Shoes & BBQsThe Grainfield Community Development Committee was organized with the intention of expanding community involvement and economic initiatives in Grainfield, Kansas. This enthusiastic committee donates its time to beautifying the town, stimulating local spending, and bringing new families and businesses to the area. The GCDC encourages commercial and residential growth in Grainfield and the surrounding area. Its mission is to preserve Grainfield's history while striving to improve the town and quality of living for each of its citizens. Because of this effort, the GCDC is a part of the Kansas Pride Program. Help this committee make a better tomorrow for Grainfield, Kansas by joining the cause.

2015/2016 Projects:

  • NRP
  • Walking Path
  • Signs on I-70, highways and local roads
  • New Library
  • Housing


  • Host Wine Tastings in conjunction with Harvest Spirit
  • Host "Hops at the House Brew Fest"
  • Designed and sold t-shirts
  • Designed and sold Thunderhawk Flags - still available!
  • Sponsored a BBQ feed the Saturday after Thanksgiving-2009
  • Host annual Cruise, Shoes & BBQs
  • Worked concession stands at Beougher Field

  • Relocated the K-State Research and Extension Office in Gove County. Read the full story here
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Created the Lil' Hawks PRIDE Extended Pre-School & After-School Programs to aid in the shortage of daycare providers. See brochure for more details.
  • Purchased lot on Main Street to build potential new Library
  • Offer scholarships for our involved youth
  • Post office facelift complete!
  • Partnered with FCCLA, CYO and our amazing youth to build a fenced-in sand volleyball court
  • Encouraged local spending by offering Grainfield Bucks
  • Send photos of local happenings to the newspaper
  • Assist in the selling and renting of properties by placing advertisements on
  • Attended a County Commissioners meeting with the purpose of creating better recycling facilities in Grainfield
  • Developed a Welcome Committee to create a Grainfield information list and packet for newcomers to the area
  • Sponsored a town meeting focused on USD 292
  • Prepared a document to be distributed to local funeral homes explaining GCDC's availability as a contributor for memorials

Awards / Honors:
Appreciation Award from Golden Prairie District
The district board selects an individual / organization on an annual basis. They look for someone that is a strong supporter of KSRE. It is a small way to say "thank you" and to show our appreciation.

2014-2016 Community of Excellence:
Grainfield was among four receiving the honor for their ongoing accomplishments in community development.

2012 Midwest Energy Community Fund Grant:
Grant money was used to help build the planters in front of the American Legion.

2011 Get-It Do-It Grant:
Grant money helped build an enclosed sand volleyball court at the city park for all to enjoy.

Downtown beautificationPost office facelift
Building fenced-in sand volleyball courtFundraising


  • First meeting (August 31, 2009)
  • Grainfield was a Kansas PRIDE Program participant from 1977-1981 and started its membership again in 2009

Meetings: Monthly

Kay Haffner & Carlene Gillespie, Co-Chairmen
Kay Haffner, Treasurer
Shannon Foster, Secretary

Shayla Wood, Kyler Haffner, Julien Illo, Zach Gillespie, Elliot Godek; Youth PRIDE
Stephanie Manhart
Marvin & Marilea Beougher
Jack & Dee Foster
Shannon Foster
Dan & Nicole Godek Family
Carlene Gillespie
Denise Gillespie Family
Rhonda Habiger
Rodney Haffner Family
Vera Hartman
Harvest Market
Brandon Heier
Landon Heier
Diana Kaiser
M&A Barnett Trucking
Old 40 Depot
Bonnie Woods

Mission & Vision Statements: View here

Contact Information:
PO Box 25
Grainfield, KS 67737
Kay Haffner- Email

Additional members to this committee are always welcome.

If you would like to contribute to the continued improvement of Grainfield, GCDC has formed a tax-free contribution fund called the Grainfield Community Development Fund. See more details here.