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Grainfield, KS : Community News

K-State Research and Extension office relocation update
by Jen Schoenfeld
November 12, 2013

The process of relocating and updating the K-State Research and Extension office in Gove County is still underway.

The Golden Prairie District executive board decided in the spring of 2013 to pursue the option to build a learning center on Main Street in Grainfield. The learning center will be the new location for the Gove County branch of Kansas State Research and Extension, and will include office space for extension personnel, a meeting room and a community multi-purpose area.

The Golden Prairie District applied for a tax credit grant of $250,000 to secure the opportunity to build.

In August, the district staff learned that they missed out on the tax credits by 16 points, but would gain 20 points by submitting a second application in spring, 2014.  If passed by the Department of Commerce, the State of Kansas will have tax credits available in 2014.

After visiting with the Gove County commissioners, the executive board decided to keep the office located in its current location for the remainder of 2013 and 2014.

The Grainfield Community Development Committee purchased five lots on Main Street in Grainfield this past summer. Their funding came through generous private donations and committee support. The development committee is in the process of gifting three of the lots to the Golden Prairie Extension District in order for the learning center to be built.

The board intends to reapply for the tax credits in spring, 2014 to pursue the goal of building a learning center in Grainfield.

The community support that the Golden Prairie District received in the process of developing the first grant application was phenomenal. This same level of support will be crucial to our success as we reapply for the grant this next spring. We will again be asking for letters of support and letters of commitment to purchase the tax credits.

Project: Extension move

Project: Extension Move

Project: Extension Move

Project: Extension Move

Project: Extension Move