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Comanche County, KS

Welcome to Comanche County, Kansas.

Ripped from the pages of Indian folk tales, one can envision a group of Native Americans on painted ponies atop a rugged bluff - surveying the Kansas countryside. Although this sounds like a legend, this utopia actually exists in Comanche County in Kansas. It isn't hard to see why this South Central Kansas county first attracted Indian tribes and settlers who camped near the serpentine streams and hunted bison on the plush prairie. The storied past of Comanche County includes tales of a fraudulent organization where various men worked together to sell fictitious bonds. Comanche County residents are as impassioned as the settlers of old, but they now focus on preserving its unparalleled history and enhancing the living experience in Comanche County. The county's economy is attributed to its invaluable agriculture, prime ranch land, and boundless wildlife. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Chief Theatre, the Comanche County Courthouse, and Protection High School all offer a glimpse of the county's bygone days. From epic beginnings to everlasting adventures, Comanche County brings Kansas legend to life!!

Comanche County
Towns in Comanche County:
Coldwater: population: 836
Protection: population: 519
Wilmore: population: 54

County Population: 1,913

Location: Comanche County is located on HWY 183 & HWY 160 and is 23 miles from Greensburg, KS.

Date founded: 1873 (officially organized in 1888)